Carpet Beetle Larva from Argentina

Found this bug in the mattress
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 5, 2011 12:44 pm
Should I be worried abut this fella? I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is not the first time I see one of these, this was small I recall seeing bigger ones of about 0.4in long.
Sorry for the blurry pic but I maxed out my camera macro capabilities. thanks!!
Signature: Pablo

Carpet Beetle Larva

Hi Pablo,
We find your bilingual illustration quite amusing.  You do not need to be worried about personal injury because of your Carpet Beetle Larva in the family Dermestidae, however, a Carpet Beetle infestation might eventually cause damage to some of your home furnishings.  The larvae feed on organic materials like fur, feathers and wool, and they will damage wool rugs and carpets.  They also feed on shed pet hair, which is not a problem.  Dermestid Beetles can do considerable damage to museum collections including insect collections.

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