Carpet Beetle Larva

what is it?
Location:  inside house on walls, one on top of quilt, one on top of exposed bed divan. On landing wall.
October 20, 2010 9:51 am
It’s 5mm long.
4 furry legs, mostly at the front of the body.
Mustard colour, with white stripes on the abdomen.
Small blob for a head, body gets bigger and bigger to abdomen, then tapers off to a furry bottom.
I thought it was a pupae, until close inspection showed it was a hairy creepy crawly.
In the picture you will also see all the different casts of ONE bug I caught earlier this year.
many thanks
Signature:  Tracey

Carpet Beetle Larva

Thank you for your reply.
I do hope it is possible for you to tell me what “old fluffy bum” is.
I studied your website in great detail after I requested identification, and I loved it, too much I’m afraid, I didn’t get anything done all day.
I should have added that I have not murdered the grub, at the moment he is in a glass jar with air holes, but as I don’t know if it is carnivore or herbivore, he could die of very slow starvation unless you reply to me.
I await your reply (please) with anticipation.
Kind Regards

I identified the bug using your web site IT’S A CARPET BUG LARVAE
October 24, 2010 1:33 PM
Thank you, but I have found really good close ups on your web site and it’s a CARPET BUG LARVAE

Hi Tracey,
Please accept our apology for not returning either of your earlier emails, but as our automated form has indicated, we have a very, very small staff.  Daniel still has a considerable amount of answered email from October 20 as well as from days prior to that and days since then, but he was so charmed that you informed us of your success, and your subject line caught his attention, so he tracked down the photo attached to your original email.  He was also impressed that you enjoyed the website so all of your previously overlooked communications to us have been collated into a posting with your photograph of a Carpet Beetle Larva.  If you want to continue to raise your Carpet Beetle Larva, you can try feeding it pet hair.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your reply.  I think the little BUG’rs been eating my hair, cause I’m always pulling handfulls of it off the Dyson carpet brush attachment and I don’t have any pets. I’ve asked my mum for a loan of her Kirby, cause it will do a better job of vacuuming.
Best wishes for the future and kind regards, Tracey

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