Subject: hope this is the thing biting me.
Location: Canton, Ohio, USA
November 19, 2012 1:13 am
Hey Bugman. I’m kinda scared to be in my own home. I thought bedbugs were just a story til recently. Long story short, my fiance said he seen a tick-like bug that was reddish-white in color. I being paranoid immediately thought bed bugs. I also have had a couple bites and then recently a small dime size rash looking spot on my chest with small blister-like bumps in it. I freaked out and started searching my bed and couches and came up with nothing, then I pulled off my fitted sheet and found this. It was in the crevice of my bed and was very round like a caterpillar, but picking it with tweezers flattened it. It was also solid colored but the color went out when squeezed. From what I’ve researched I’m thinking it may be a carpet beetle larva, and not a bed bug but I am still freaked out. If this isn’t a bed bug, is it possible that this is what’s causing me to break out? Even though my fiance has no marks or bites or anything. I have two kitte ns that were rescued from outside about six months ago, two rose hair tarantulas (in separate tanks) and a small feeder tank for feeder crickets. I live in apartments and we have raccoons outside and stray cats but I live on the third floor and the outside animals have never been close to my door. I clean regularly and dust and vacuum at least once a week. Any thing will help to hopefully calm my nerves. Thank you!
Signature: LaDesta

Carpet Beetle Larva

Dear LaDesta,
This is a Carpet Beetle Larva and they do not bite.  We are not experts in allergic reactions, so we cannot say for certain if any skin reaction you are having is in any way related to Carpet Beetles.  If you are being bitten, you need to look elsewhere for the source of the bites.  Good luck.

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Location: Ohio

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