Carpet Beetle in Cat’s Bed

Subject: Found where cat sleeps
Location: Scottsbluff, Nebraska
April 4, 2016 1:21 am
I went to my mother’s and saw a bug on her blanket ahhh I am thinking it’s a carpet beetle. She never NEVER vaccums so I’m certain this is it because she said she’s never been bit by them. Scary saw 2 yesterday flushed them then 2 more today, probably would have found more had I searched but I’m freaked out by infestations but here’s my question ahhhh my dog has been there and at my house can she spread them I vaccum almost everyday anyway but I may just go to town on every inch of everywhere more often aghhhghhhhh (ironically I stressed about the loose hair and basically dirt on her back from the dirty house before I found these bugs) it is spring but still pretty cold snowed a few days ago. Just assumed it was that bug seeing the pictures.
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Carpet Beetle
Carpet Beetle

You are correct that this is a Carpet Beetle.  Carpet Beetle Larvae will feed on shed pet hair that accumulates, and perhaps your mother has just decided that she wants to lower her carbon footprint by not using the electricity needed to run a vacuum as long as the Carpet Beetle Larvae are eating the shed pet hair.  Now, regarding your own fears, we doubt that your dog has transported any Carpet Beetle infestation to your own, obviously very clean home.  Since adult Carpet Beetles feed on pollen, and larvae feed on accumulated organic matter in the home, adults generally depart from the home by seeking egress at windows and doors.  Similarly, the adult Carpet Beetles will enter homes and procreate if there is a likely food source.  Though your mother’s home seems like it will be able to provide nourishment for future generations of Carpet Beetles, your own home does not seem like a hospitable environment for them if they cannot find food.  Though we refrain from giving health advice as we haven’t the necessary credentials, it does seem like your stress regarding an imagined infestation in your home is more detrimental to your health than your mother’s more mellow attitude about cleaning is to her health.

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  1. Whoever wrote that answer to the question can a dog carry csrpet beetles from one home to another. YES they can and can live on your pet. Cats are included. I have been running my own experiments for 9 years. I have studied these beetles and have worked with my states entomologist to confirm what I have found. If anyone wants to no the truth about these beetles and their inactions with cats please text me at 310 944 2762. I will be happy to help.


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