Carpet Beetle

Help me figure this out! Small beetle? in Florida
Location: Central Florida
January 20, 2012 1:26 pm
I was bit by some kind of bug three times last night, and I think this is the culprit. I have seen this bug in my room several times before (live in a cheap apartment in central Florida) and whenever I do, I seem to wind up with a bug bite.
I’ve found these mostly in the edges or corners of my carpeted room, where the wall and floor meet. Today I found this one alive in my carpet – not okay. They blend in very well. I have seen them over time on my curtain, on the tile in my bathroom, and in the corners of walls where they meet. Please help me figure out what this is so I can GET RID OF THEM! Any tips on removal would be helpful! (I’m also posting another picture of a different bug from my room today)
Thanks for your help!
Signature: K

Carpet Beetle

Dear K,
All indications are that this is a Carpet Beetle in the family Dermestidae, a group that causes damage to museum specimens, household furnishings made of wool and other natural fibers, and infests stored food products.  We cannot conclusively identify the species or genus, but we believe your individual resembles the genus
Trogoderma pictured on BugGuide.  Though they are considered household pests, we do not believe the bites you are getting are related to the Carpet Beetle sightings. 

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  1. This is the exact bug that’s been invading my home for the past couple of months. Odly I always find the crawling on my skin ugh! They look disgusting but don’t bite. I find them in cabinets too. S. Florida


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