Carpet Beetle

bug on windowsill
In the last week (first week of March), we have seen several of these tiny beetle-like bugs on our windowsill. We’re concerned that they might be from possible dampness in the wall – or are they from a house plant. It’s too cold here yet, so you windows have not been open for fresh air and bugs! Thanks for helping us identify this tiny bug. It’s about 2 millimetres long.

Hi Lauren,
This is an Anthrenus Carpet Beetle. It and its siblings have probably been living all winter in your home as fuzzy larvae, feeding on wool, feathers or fur, or some other animal product. Carpet Beetle infestations can do major damage to your valuables and are considered one of the most serious threats to natural history museum collections. Adult Carpet Beetles emerge in the spring and are attracted to windows. They feed on pollen as adults and are trying to get outside to feed.

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  1. I wanted to thank you for this site. I saw one of the above bugs on my windowsill and later under my bed (ie 4 weeks later) and was worried about the adult bed bug but when I looked closer at the bugs, it was IDENTICAL to the one up above–mostly black and white thought. Any ideas on how to get rid of the carpet beetles without bringing in a pesticide companY?


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