Subject: Indoor Springtime Beetles
Location: Stockton, California
March 29, 2017 2:38 pm
These pinhead-sized (or smaller) winged beetles appear in the spring inside my house. They are attracted to the windows and to light-colored fabric. They are slow-moving and nonevasive, and so they are easy to kill. They are appearing now, when temperatures are in the 70’s. My guess is they are in a foodstuff of some kind in the house. They do not appear in overwhelming numbers, but they come every year consistently. I do not see them at other times of the year.
Signature: David Wallace

Carpet Beetle

Dear David,
Carpet Beetles like the one in your image feed on pollen, but the larvae are common household pests that will feed on a wide variety of organic items in the home.

Thanks! Now on to the tracking of the food source, which may or may not be in our pantry.

While they are considered an annoyance, sometimes their food source in not injurious.  They will feed on accumulated shed pet hair found on rugs and furniture.

Five cats in the house. Thanks for this excellent detective work.

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Location: Stockton, California

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