Carpet Beetle

Subject: Spring Time Bug
Location: Fremont, CA
March 10, 2016 4:59 pm
5 years ago and again this month of March 2016, I found 2 and up 6 of these insects. They are 1/8″ long. I usually find them in a sofa downstairs, but I have also found them in an upstairs window. I mention the 2 occurrences, 5 years apart to indicate that the problem went away on its own initially, without treatment. I have never found large quantities of the insect, but I am still concerned about what course of action I should take. The insects color makes them look different then bed bugs.
Signature: Greg M.

Carpet Beetle
Carpet Beetle

Hi Greg,
This is a Carpet Beetle, a common household pest, and we are quite amazed at your cleaning abilities if you have only found them twice in five years.

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