Subject: Large blue Hong Kong fly
Location: Discovery Bay, south plaza park, Lantau, Hong Kong
March 4, 2017 7:55 pm
I have been trying to identify a large, iridescent blue fly that I saw Saturday March 4th, in a park on Lantau, one of the islands in the Hong Kong diaspora. I have searched wikipedia and looked online but cannot identify it. This fly was much larger than most common house flies, and there were several in the vicinity. It was, at a guess, a little under 2 inches long.
Here is a photo. I’d be glad of any information you can offer.
Signature: Nufdriew

Carpenter Bee

Dear Nufdriew,
Unless they are wingless, most Flies can be identified to the correct order because they have a single pair of wings, hence the order name Diptera.  Your insect is a Carpenter Bee and it has two sets of wings.

Location: Discovery Bay, Lantau, Hong Kong

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  1. Jim Harrison says:

    Hymenoptera (bees, flying ants, wasps, etc.) sometimes look like they only have a single pair of wings because the hind wings are usually small and are connected to the front wings by a row of little hooks that are diagnostic of the order. This set up has fooled me before, which is why I mention it here.

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