Request: Carpenter Bee?
Location: San Antonio, TX Medical Center
July 19, 2011 3:12 pm
Watching and takikng pics of flowers, trees, plants, bugs and other interesting stuff. Was watching a planting of Esperanzas (Tecoma Stans) noting lots of bee activity, then noticed blossoms sort of randomly dropping off. No wind. Got a pic of this bee, do not know if male or female, burrowing into the base of the flowers, I assume extracting nectar, sort of poking in the back door instead of pollinating through the front. Have never seen one this ”metallic” before. HAd much fun stepping around the shrubs trying not to disturb the bees, to get a good shot and also before the UTHSCA Police (Univ Tx Health Science Center San Antonio) ran me off. They plant many interesting drought tolerant flowering plants there an I am usually able to come away from my doc appt with some nice pics.
Signature: Renee

Carpenter Bee

Hi Renee,
This is a Carpenter Bee, and we have watched Valley Carpenter Bees feeding in a similar manner from sweet pea blossoms in our own garden.

Identification courtesy of John Ascher
April 22, 2012
Xylocopa micans

Location: Texas

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  1. Gabrielle Gelloz Clark says:


    We live in Brittany (France) and just found a Borneo carpenter bee!!!! That’s a long way from Borneo!

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