Carpenter Ants, we believe

Unidentified ant
Location: Napa, CA, USA
April 6, 2011 9:36 pm
These little buggers live (I think) in a dying Oak tree in the front of my yard and are very busy along their trails into my house. I live in Napa, California and it is early spring. Any idea what type of ant they are?
Signature: J. A. Reif

possibly Carpenter Ants

Dear J.A.,
We believe, because of their large size and their location in the tree that these are most likely Carpenter Ants in the genus
Camponotus, though we do not have the necessary skills to identify them based on their anatomy.  They somewhat resemble this photo of Camponotus clarithorax from California posted on BugGuide.  General information on Carpenter Ants can be found on the information page for the genus on BugGuide.

Carpenter Ants, we believe

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  1. I recently served captive-reared carpenter ants to the entomology club at UFL. These ants are quite tasty; they’ve got a strong flavor — very tangy, like citrus juice but earthier and slightly bitter.

    They would serve well in a soup, alongside lots of other ingredients. The point here is that they are robust enough to stand up to the competition of other flavors.



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