Carpenter Ants in my Bathroom! Help!

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Are these carpenter ants?
Found in my sink in my bathroom upstairs
About 20 of them early morning 7:30January 20,2024. Bathroom is mostly marble.



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Hello, Carmel.

These do appear to be Carpenter Ants. You are going to want to handle this before it gets out of hand. While these ants don’t consume wood (like termites), they cause damage to your house by creating nests in damp or moisture-compromised wood, extending their tunnels into dry wood, and potentially leading to structural damage. We recommend using Wondercide Indoor Spray as its plant base and safe to use around kids and pets and trying to locate where they got into the house to prevent other ants from coming into the future. For more information on carpenter ants, take a look at our post: Are Carpenter Ants Bad? Uncovering the Truth Behind These Tiny Intruders – What’s That Bug? (


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