Subject: What’s this bug
Location: North Carolina
May 28, 2017 10:46 am
They seem to have showed up out of no where and there are a lot of them sitting somewhat peacefully all around and all over the outside of our home.
Signature: Thanks Joe.

Carpenter Ant Alate

Dear Joe,
This looks to us like a male Carpenter Ant alate, the winged reproductive form that swarms when conditions are right, often a warm sunny day after a good rain.  It might be a
Camponotus castaneus based on this BugGuide image, a species BugGuide calls the Reddish Carpenter Ant and states:  “Nests in rotting logs, soil under rocks, etc., or even in exposed soil.”

Carpenter Ant Alate

Thank you so much. The photo and identified conditions are consistent with what I see.
Location: North Carolina

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