Carolina Wolf Spider we believe

My little sisters said I should ask you
Location:  Denver Colorado
August 31, 2010 1:01 am
about this spider I found at work, we were wondering what kind it is. We looked through your spider pictures and didn’t see anything that resembled it. It looks bigger in the picture, the actual size is about 3 inches total and just the body is about an inch. If you have time to identify it for us that would be great. My little sisters use your site a lot for school and for fun. They are really excited!
Nick, Kailee and Miranda Johnson

possibly Carolina Wolf Spider

Hi Nick,
Your spider looks to us like it is a Wolf Spider, probably in the genus Hogna.  It might be Hogna carolinensis (see BugGuide which states:  “Considered to be the largest wolf spider in North America
” in support of the information you have provided regarding size) or possibly Hogna coloradensis (see BugGuide).  BugGuide provides this description of Hogna coloradensis:  “Hogna coloradensis – PDF from The Journal of Arachnology – An 8 page paper with drawings, descriptions, and range. ‘Hogna coloradensis can be separated from all other Hogna and Lycosidae by a dark area immediately anterior to the epigastric furrow as well as a small dark area just anterior to the spinnerets, the rest of the venter is light with spots.’”  Should you care to read the entire Journal or Arachnology paper, it is also posted online.

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