Waved Sphinx, not Carolina Sphinx

Subject: Carolina Sphinx Moth This Time!
Location: New Hampshire
July 6, 2012 4:32 pm
Hey again Bugman!
This is becoming a trend with me, but I know I was excited to find this little gal in the same stairwell I rescued the Small Eyed Sphinx from a few weeks ago. A quick perusal of your archives leads me to believe she’s a Carolina Sphinx and she’s certainly the biggest moth I’ve yet to come face to face with! Now I’m hoping a Luna or Polyphemus comes to visit next.
Signature: Black Zarak

Waved Sphinx

Dear Black Zarak,
Congratulations on your newest moth sighting, and we agree that it is a Carolina Sphinx by comparing your image to images on the Sphingidae of the Americas website.  If you are interested, you should see if there are any National Moth Week events in your area

Correction:  This is a Waved Sphinx, not Carolina Sphinx.
Sometimes in an effort to respond to as many letters as possible, we make mistakes.  Thanks to a comment from Ryan, we have made the correction.  See Sphingidae of the Americas for more information on the Waved Sphinx.

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