Carolina Sphinx

What’s that moth?
August 6, 2009
We have identified several moths this past week feeding on our four o’clocks, (well, WTB did). Achemon, clear wing hummingbird, and banded sphinx. What is this moth? Thanks and keep up the good work, love your site!
Jennifer & Gary
Lakeland, FL

Carolina Sphinx
Carolina Sphinx

Hi Jennifer and Gary,
If you researched the moths in your garden on our site, you did the identification.  This is a Carolina Sphinx, Manduca sexta, one of two species (the other being the Tobacco Sphinx, Manduca quinquemaculata) with caterpillars that feed on Tomato plant leaves.  These caterpillars are sometimes called Tomato Hornworms.  You may read more about your Carolina Sphinx on Bill Oehlke’s awesome website.

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