Carolina Sphinx

Subject: Is this a….
Location: California
October 20, 2013 4:30 pm
I am not certain but is this a Carolina Sphinx moth? One night a few months back, we saw these strange moths hovering over our Jasmine plants like hummingbirds at dusk, and we never saw a moth like that before in southern California. Just today, we saw the first one since those few months ago. This moth didn’t seem to wanna fly so I decided to take some pictures of me holding it before putting it on a tree.
Signature: Brittany

Carolina Sphinx
Carolina Sphinx

Hi Brittany,
We agree that this is a Carolina Sphinx,
Manduca sexta.  Perhaps you or a neighbor grows tomatoes.  The leaves of tomatoes are a preferred host plant for the larvae of the Carolina Sphinx.

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  1. I think our neighbors may be growing tomatoesso perhaps that’s why they are attracted. They love our Jasmine plants when they bloom, so I hope to see these beauties again. Thanks for the confirmation!


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