Carolina Mantis in Captivity

Praying Mantis question
Location: Savannah, GA
December 8, 2010 9:17 pm
Hi there,
We found a praying mantis on our front door about 2 months ago and we’ve set up a terrarium for him. We feed him live crickets and have lots of fun watching him mosey around the cage. He mostly likes to hang from the top of the cage and keeps his front legs in the ”praying” position. Recently, he has not been able to support the back half of his body and has resorted to hanging by his front legs. It appears that he cannot lift his back end up at all. Every time I’ve seen him go to catch a cricket, he misses it, so I’m not sure when he ate his last one. It’s so sad to see and we’re not sure what to do! Do you have any ideas as to what’s wrong?
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Carolina Mantis

Your mantis appears to be a female Carolina Mantis, but the photo is blurry that we cannot be certain of the species.  Daniel recently kept a female California Mantis in captivity for a few weeks feeding her crickets but she died shortly before a scheduled local television news appearance, and this sad event is documented in our archives.  It is possible that your Mantis is just at the end of her life cycle.

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  1. I kept a few praying mantis alive from October into mid February. There’s no question about the life cycle, but you can extend their life. Be sure to “mist them” every other day, so they have enough water. Mine seemingly drank the droplets off their bodies. Also be sure that the crickets you buy are eating a balanced diet. For variety, I often caught camel crickets in the basement to feed them. Another thing I did was to give them lots of free roam. They were allowed to go anywhere in my house. Good Luck!


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