Carolina Mantis

Subject: Mantis in Greenhouse
Location: 78634, Texas
April 6, 2016
The next cool thing I found was a praying mantis on the GH door (see attached)!
With an utter invasion of lady beetles and other critters we went from aphids everywhere to ZILCH! wuhu! Even the milkweeds are almost free!
So cool to live here :)))))
You guys rock!!!!

Carolina Mantis
Carolina Mantis

Hi Again Sandy,
We are thrilled to post your image of a female Carolina Mantis, a native species.  We identified it thanks to this BugGuide image that depicts the black spot in the middle of the wing.  We just finished a posting regarding native versus non-native Mantids in the garden, so the sending of your newest image was perfectly timed.  We are also pleased to hear that predators are controlling the aphids in your garden and greenhouse.

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