Subject: Walk Through Natural Area Turns Up Interesting Critters
Location: Juno Beach, Florida
December 2, 2015 12:06 pm
Hello Whats That Bug!
Love your site – use it all the time to identify the small creepy crawlies we find on Palm Beach County natural areas. Usually I can successfully find the critters name while looking through the photos on your web site. … I am also including two other photos taken during my walk through Juno Dunes Natural Area – one of a Carolina mantid (didn’t see wings, so I’m assuming it is a juvenile) …. Thanks for all you do to ensure the proper identification of insects and arachnids!
Signature: Ann Mathews

Immature Carolina Mantid

Immature Carolina Mantid

Hi again Ann,
We have matched your image of a Mantid to a BugGuide image of a Carolina Mantid, and we agree that your individual is an immature individual.  Since Carolina Mantids can be green or brown, we wanted to verify its identity prior to posting.  We still have your caterpillar to post.

Do you guys ever sleep? Wow, you are fast with the identification. So Carolina mantid is correct – yeah me! Now just have to get “Harry” identified. I’m hoping one of your readers can help out with this mystery caterpillar. As always, keep up the super work!
Ann Mathews

The nice thing about an aging work force is that it requires less sleep.

Location: Juno Beach, Florida

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