Capricorn Beetle from Belize

Subject: large metallic green beetle with orange thorax
Location: Toledo District, Belize
February 9, 2013 4:21 pm
I saw this beetle climbing grass stalks near the coast in southern Belize on 8 February 2013. Its body was about 3” long. The larger format photo would not go through; I hope this one does. Thanks in advance. You’ve got a great site.
Signature: Tanya

Capricorn Beetle

Hi Tanya,
Thanks for the compliment.  This is a beetle in the family Cerambycidae, and for the first time we are using the common name Capricorn Beetle for a member.  Commonly used names for the family members include Longhorn, Longicorn, Longhorned Borer and Bycid.  We will try to research its identity in the morning.

Thank you very much, Daniel, for this prompt response.  It certainly was a very cool bug to see; it was at my feet as I walked to hang up laundry on the clothes line.

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