Cape Mountain Cockroach from South Africa

Armour-plated bug
April 7, 2010
Seen on 04/06/2010 at Silvermine near Cape Town alive but inactive in the National Park
Richard Tudor Price
Western Cape, South Africa

Cape Mountain Cockroach

Hi Richard,
The Cape Mountain Cockroach in your photograph is not one of the few species of Cockroaches that infests homes and gives the other relatives a bad reputation.  Just this January we ran another posting of this fascinating insect.

Hi Daniel and thanks for identifying the Cape Mountain Cockroach.

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  1. I actually saw 2 of these roaches yesterday whilst hiking up Myburgh Ravine in Constantia…even though I have never heard or saw one before, I knew it was a roach because of my phobia for them so just had to google it to see if i was right….and because of my fear, I was not able to take photos


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