Candystripe Spider from England

Spider Identification request.
July 12, 2009
I came across this spider, it probably is a common spider in England however I’ve never come across this kind before. The legs and main body part were transparent while the sack was white with the bright red.
it’s size was the same of that of a finger nail.
Season : Summer
Possibly nothing special but would be nice to know. pictures aren’t great so apologies there.

Candystripe Spider
Candystripe Spider

Dear M.D.,
Just yesterday we posted a photo from Ireland of a Candystripe Spider,
Enoplognatha ovata.  It is also represented on BugGuide, and we are uncertain if it has a global distribution naturally, or if it has been introduced accidentally.

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  1. I was working in a garden today, and i must have stumbled across a nest. One area i was working in had hundreds of them. It was quite creepy lol.


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