Camel Cricket

Subject: What’s That Bug
Location: Eastern NC
December 13, 2013 2:50 pm
Can you identify?
Signature: Denise Jones

Camel Cricket
Camel Cricket

Dear Denise,
This is a Camel Cricket and it is missing one of its hind legs which allow it to jump for significant distances.  Camel Crickets like dark and damp places, and they are often found in basements and cellars.

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  1. I live in Midwest City , Oklahoma and we have these Camel Crickets all over our garage. I actually had one jump on my ankle and was actually bit or stung by it. I am highly allergic to bites or stings of any kind so I had a quarter size whelp for about 2 days. It kind of felt like a fire ant sting. I looked down when I felt it thought it was a spider and found the exact picture on your site. I didn’t however find out if they could bite, but this one did. It was just weird. Your site is so helpful . Thank you for the identifying pictures. I would never have known what they were called..


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