Camel Cricket

Subject: Gorgeous primeval alien bug
Location: North Dakota
July 24, 2013 10:31 pm
Hey there!
I’ve submitted in the past – a fishing spider with her babies – and since then, I’ve gotten into insect and arachnid photography in a major way. (I even have a Bug Love album inspired by that section of your site!) Sadly, my shot of the intriguing bug we found this July evening isn’t particularly artistic – I snapped it quickly after my younger brother dashed past the intimidating little creature and hid in the house. I’m getting pretty good at identifying many of the insects around my house in North Dakota, but to be honest, I’m kind of at a loss here. Everyone I’ve talked to seems agreed that it’s probably some kind of cricket, resembling a house cricket in some ways, but the spikes on the hind legs seem unusually large! Can you help me out?
Thanks so much for your time, for the past identification, and for the site! It’s a major source of inspiration and joy for me.
Signature: Amanda

Camel Cricket
Camel Cricket

Dear Amanda,
This is a Camel Cricket or Cave Cricket in the family
Rhaphidophoridae, and the arched back that is so distinctive is not visible in this dorsal view.  A lateral view of a Camel Cricket reveals this feature.  Camel Crickets are generally found in dark and damp locations. You can read more about Camel Crickets on BugGuide.

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