Subject: Camel Cricket
Location: Athens, GA
October 6, 2012 8:24 pm
Thanks to your site, I can say I learned something today! This showed up in my house today, so I got some photos and looked up crickets. Camel cricket, yep! Thanks! This guy or gal was photographed after catching with a glass, and was summarily ejected from the house afterwards. 🙂
Signature: Heather L

Camel Cricket

Hi Heather,
Camel Crickets are also known as Cave Crickets.  They are often found in damp, dark basements.  The swordlike ovipositor indicates that your individual is a female.

Location: Georgia

2 Responses to Camel Cricket

  1. pageyw says:

    We have found at least 5 of these over the past 2-3 weeks in our house, usually in the bathroom/shower area. The thing I find very strange is that each of them have been missing a leg? What is that about? Also, should I be concerned about the number of them? Of all things I am happy with crickets because I can scoop them up and release outside, but are they infesting our home? Thanks for any thoughts 🙂

  2. Dustin Poteet says:

    I dont have a basement in my home. There really are not any damp dark places in or around my house either. I have had a couple of these camel crickets pop up in my house in the past week. Is it because they are just looking for food or what? Maybe I should look around for a damp dark place?

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