Callosamia species laying eggs: Promethia Moth or Tulip Tree Silkmoth????

tulip tree silk moth?
Hello! I thought this picture was unique and wasn’t sure if it was a tulip tree silk moth- thanks for your help!
Catherine Pangan
Indianapolis , IN

Hi Catherine,
This is definitely a moth in the genus Callosamia, but we are unsure if it is a female Promethia Moth, Callosamia promethea, or a female Tulip Tree Silkmoth, Callosamia angulifera. Our inclination is that it is a Promethia Moth, but we want to try to contact a true expert, Bill Oehlke.

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    • If you are in San Jose, the moth you found was in a different genus. Unless an individual escaped from some breeder, which is unlikely, no member of the genus Callosamia is reported west of Texas according to BugGuide. We suspect you may have seen a Ceanothus Silkmoth.


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