California Trapdoor Spider

California Trapdoor Spider (photos)
Location:  Mt Washington, Los Angeles, CA
October 20, 2010 12:16 pm
Last night I found what I believe to be a California Trapdoor Spider climbing the wall near my front porch.  As it’s unusual to see such a huge spider in our area I captured it rather than killing it so it could be relocated to a more suitable location.  I thought I would share the photos as the one of it’s relocation shows it in pretty good detail and color.  Enjoy!
~ Chris

California Trapdoor Spider

Hi Chris,
We really love California Trapdoor Spiders.  You did not indicate where you live, but since our offices are in Los Angeles, we know all about the unseasonal rains that have been falling for several days now.  Male California Trapdoor Spiders wander about in search of a mate after the first rains of the season.  Sadly, many wander into swimming pools and drown.  We are happy you rescued this guy and released him.  Hopefully he will get lucky and perpetuate the species.

Hi Daniel,
I did forget to include that!  I live at the base of Mt. Washington at the L.A./Eagle Rock border.  I’m about 2 miles from the ‘wild’ area of the mountain so I imagine this guy either got washed out or hitched a ride down as there isn’t a good habitat for him in my immediate area.  He’s been happily relocated back to the Heidelberg Park area of the mountain and should find plenty to keep his attention up there!  Feel free to use either of the photos I linked on your website if they will work for your purpose.  Thanks for maintaining a good resource on the CTS!

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the additional information.  Daniel lives in Mt Washington near Elyria Canyon, so it appears we are neighbors.

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  1. I have spotted two of these guys across Eagle Rock Blvd from Mt Washington in Glassell Park over the past 2 months. Glad to know they’re not poisonous!

    • Hi mchin,
      Most spiders, including the California Trapdoor Spider are venomous, however in the unlikely event that they bite a human, the bite is not considered dangerous.


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