California Root Borer

Subject:  Beetle
Geographic location of the bug:  Ramona, CA
Date: 09/04/2017
Time: 11:29 PM EDT
My 6 year old found this dead beetle in my mothers succulent garden. What is it? Sorry he is missing an antenna.
How you want your letter signed:  Jennifer Diaz and Future Bug Doctor Harrison

Male California Root Borer

Dear Jennifer and Harrison,
This impressive beetle is a male California Root Borer, and males of the species have much more exaggerated antennae than the female.  The female releases pheromones and the male locates her with his antennae.  According to BugGuide citing Evans & Hogue:  “Adults:  Robust, reddish-brown to almost black; Three sharp spines on each side of pronotum; Saw-toothed antennae with 12 segments (scape, pedicel, and 10 flagellomeres…pedicel very short, 1st flagellomere longest, then decreasing in size apically).  Males with antennae distinctly sawlike, more than 2/3 length of body.  Females with more slender antennae, about 1/2 length of body.” 

Thank you Daniel for the identification.  He is now apart of our bug collection:)  Take care.
Jennifer Diaz and Harry

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