California Root Borer

Subject: What’s this beetle?
Location: Mica, WA
September 5, 2016 8:45 am
We had a hatch of these beetles back in late July and I’ve never seen them before or since. The cat was swatting this guy and he hissed at her and she jumped straight up in the air! I came over and rescued him and he hissed at me too. Shot some pics and the released him back into a pine tree unharmed. Saw a couple of them in the next few days.
We live in Mica, WA 99023
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Male California Root Borer
Male California Root Borer

This is a California Root Borer, Prionus californicus, and despite its common name, it is found in many western states according to BugGuide.

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  1. Does this bug kill trees?
    Do trees (willow, cedar, pine) need to be cut down if they have small round holes in their bark- I don’t have the Asian Longhorn beetle.
    Thank you!


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