California Root Borer

Subject: 3 inch brown beetle Sonoma County
Location: Geyserville, Sonoma County CA
June 5, 2016 10:43 pm
This big beetle banged against our window 6/5/2016 and then sat quietly at the bottom of the sill. I caught it in a small vase without a fight, checked it out and let it go. What is it? It was really cool! Its claws clicked against the glass I caught it in and it turned itself into its back. It had a had time turning itself back over- I don’t think it was defense.
Signature: Jeff

California Root Borer
California Root Borer

Hi Jeff,
This is a California Root Borer, and we just posted our first sighting of the year two days ago.

California Root Borer
California Root Borer

Thanks! Makes perfect sense surrounded by grapes and deciduous trees.

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  1. We just found a dead California Root Borer in our driveway this morning in the Santa Cruz Mountains off Old Santa Cruz Hwy. about 7 miles from Los Gatos. We have a lot of coast live oaks, madrone, Douglas fir, and redwoods in this area.


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