Probably NOT Caddisfly Pupae, we NOW suspect

Is this a bagworm?
Location: Fish Hoek, Cape peninsular
October 24, 2011 4:15 am
I found this group under a rock each measures about 8 mm long.
I am in Fish Hoek, Cape peninsular area.
(In Zimbabwe we used to get big bagworms that made their sleeping bags out of thorns etc)
Signature: Brian

Possibly Caddisfly Pupae

Hi Brian,
We don’t know what this is, but we don’t believe they are Bagworms.  Our best guess is perhaps the Pupae of Caddisflies or Caseworms.  The larvae are aquatic and build “homes of sticks, shells or grains of sand.  Each species has a very distinctive case.  Caddisflies also spin silk.  Was this rock overhang near a stream?  If not, then we are most probably wrong.  We hope one of our readers can provide some information.  The North Carolina State University Entomology website has a nice page on Caddisflies.

Interesting – thanks for the comments!
There is no steam nearby – in fact I on a very rocky and rather dry area of sandstone hill/mountain about 2.5 km from the ocean. (Fynbos)
The drawings on the   website are similar – but I think I will have to ask the local university Zoology Dept

Then Caddisflies must be wrong.  This needs more thought.

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