Caddisfly from Canada

October moth?
Location: Port Coquitlam, BC, Ca
January 19, 2012 11:40 pm
This (moth?) sat unmoving for several hours on the key guard of a near-by door. I really wanted a look at the abdomen, but thought it unfriendly to poke at it. Total legnth of about 5 cm, including antennae. Photos taken on October 5/11.
thank you!
Storm Vos-Browning
Signature: Storm


Hi Storm,
Though it is mothlike, this insect is actually a Caddisfly in the order Trichoptera.  Caddisflies have aquatic larvae that carry cases about with them earning them the common name of Caseworm.

Hi Daniel,
For a small team with a backlog, you sure answered my question FAST! Thak you. The forward pointing antennae looked wrong for a moth, as did the mouth parts, but I’m not very good at identifying insects. Love watching them, though – I’ve spent hours watching caddisfly larvae in local waterways, but didn’t know what the adults looked like.
As with the stink bug nymph you ID’ed for me back in August, I’ll post a link to What’s That Bug? when I post the photo on my blog.
best wishes,

Thanks for the positive comments Storm.  So, you raise Killies?  The African Aphyosemion species are really spectacular fish.  We have our own Angelfish aquaria going.  We are sticking to Amazon species for now.

Wow, Daniel, you actually checked out the link? No one ever does that!
“Amazon species” is a huge category – you’ll never run out of cool species. I’m personaly captivated by the small, nocturnal driftwood cats, the corydoras and farlowellas.
The unidentified critter Lori asks about at the bottom of the page looks to be a seed shrimp (Ostracod) but the photo is indistinct. I don’t know how you manage to ID bugs from photos!
you run an awesome site!
cheers, Storm

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