Subject: unknown caddisfly
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 2, 2014 6:14 pm
I know that this is a caddisfly, any idea what genus or even species? Do you have any good resources that are user friendly in regards to identifying caddisflies?
Signature: Gary Yankech


Dear Gary,
This is a marvelous image of a mothlike Caddisfly, but we don’t know its species, we find the identification of Caddisflies to the species level to be something outside of the range of our present abilities, and we don’t know a Trichopterist.  We will do a quick look on BugGuide to see if anything jumps out at us.  Both this similar looking individual on BugGuide and this similar looking individual on BugGuide are only identified to the order Trichoptera.

Update and Offer to identify Caddisflies:  July 27, 2014
Subject: trichoptera ID
July 27, 2014 6:40 am
Hi bug people!
I love your site, just stumbled on to it trying to get info in phoretic mites on a Holoptera beetle I found yesterday.
While perusing your site, I noticed several partially IDed caddisflies and the statement that you don’t currently know a trichopterist.  Well, I don’t lay claim to the title trichoperist these days, but I’ve spent many years studying them, have many identification resources on hand, and still quite a bit of personal memory about many caddisflies.  I’m also still personally connected to and correspond with many of the the few working trichoperists in the US.  I also co-authored a checklist of caddisflies of Tennessee several years ago (Etnier, D.A., J.T. Baxter, S.J. Fraley, and C.R. Parker. 1998. A checklist of the caddisflies of Tennessee. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 73:53–72.).  I’m currently a working aquatic biologist focussed mainly on the conservation and restoration of native fishes, mussels, and crayfishes, but continue to pay attention to bugs, if not study them any more.
The upshot is I’d be glad to take a whack at IDing caddisflies for folks, if you still need some help.
Best to you,
Signature: Steve Fraley

Hi Steve,
We would gladly welcome any family, genus or species identifications on Caddisflies in our archives.  Please post comments on anything you are able to identify.

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