Butterfly Chrysalis, possibly Mourning Cloak

Odd Snail looking Bug
April 25, 2010
I found this bug stuck to the handle on one of my shopping bags in my garage. When I accidently grabbed it blood squirted everywhere. It also has some type of grip on the bag handle. It is about a inch long and 1/4 inch thick.
Bobby Conway
Collierville, TN (Memphis)

Butterfly Chrysalis: Probably Mourning Cloak

Hi Bobby,
This is the chrysalis of a Brushfooted Butterfly in the family Nymphalidae.  While we cannot be certain of the exact identity, we suspect it is a Mourning Cloak Chrysalis which you may find pictured on BugGuide.  The caterpillars of the Mourning Cloak are frequently found on willow, poplar or elm trees, and the caterpillars may travel some distance to find a spot suitable for metamorphosis.

Wow, there it is, thanks so much for the clarification.  Nice to know what I dealt with.
Have a great week

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