Burying Beetle

Smelly Beetle ??
Location: Whitehorse, Yukon
August 25, 2011 4:53 pm
Hello Bugman!
A co-worker of mine found this beetle in his boot. Never seen one like this before up here. He had a bad smell to him. I caught him in a cup and took him home, then release him on a Sunflower in the yard and took some pictures. I hope my pictures are clear enough to help!
Maybe you can help Identify him for me ? 🙂
Signature: -Kla

Sexton Beetle

Dear Kayla,
This is a Burying Beetle or Sexton Beetle in the genus
Nicrophorus.  A sexton, a somewhat obsolete profession, was a church custodian who cared for the church grounds, including the cemetery, and who was frequently charged with digging graves.  Sexton Beetles bury small dead animals that the beetle larvae feed upon.  Sometimes a pair of Burying Beetles will guard a small animal corpse after burying it, guarding it against other carrion feeders and caring for the young in the process.  Perhaps the Burying Beetle your co-worker encountered had just finished burying a corpse.  You can compare your individual to the species of Burying Beetles that are represented on BugGuide

Thank you so much Daniel.  Its nice to finally know what he is.
thanks again.

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