Burrowing Bug and Rash

Subject:  A beetle fell out of my shirt. I was sitting on my couch.  Afterwards went to garage. Looked in my car.  Began cooking.  It was eating me alive.
Geographic location of the bug:  Harbison Canyon, San Diego County. CA
Date: 06/22/2019
Time: 06:48 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I’m still reacting terribly with welts and hives after 11 days??  No one knows what it is.  I’m on prescription meds and miserable. Doc appt yesterday. I was bit 5 or 6 times at base of my spine.  Recovering from shingles after 3 months. Now this.  I’m miserable. Hives all over. Hives on upper legs-front and back, back, chest, behind knees,hips. It’s terrible.  Thank you.  Resting now.
How you want your letter signe:  Debbie Kelley

Burrowing Bug

Dear Debbie,
We empathize with your health crisis.  We are confident that this is a Burrowing Bug in the family Cydnidae, possibly from the genus
Dallasiellus like this Southern California individual pictured on BugGuide.  We cannot locate any information on BugGuide regarding their tendency to bite, nor can we find information elsewhere in our quick search.  Hopefully, now that you have an identification, you might be able to locate helpful information on your reaction.


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