Buprestid Grub

hi there
i am in the middle of my bathroom reno and i ran into this creature……i hate bugs and ended up tearing all the drywall down to make sure there was no more hiding. i only found the one , looked as if it was trying to chew into the floor? it is tapered and has little jaws on the front. pics arent that great cause it is dark.

This is a beetle grub from the Family Buprestidae. They are Wood Boring Beetles and sometimes the grubs can live in milled lumber for many many years, emerging as adults long after something has been built. Eric Eaton adds: “That flattened first thoracic segment is your clue. Cerambycids are known as roundheaded borers because in the larvae the first segment is not nearly as flattened. Your comment about them living in milled lumber applies to both beetle families”

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