Thanks so much for identifying my beetles. How about 1 more. See attached.
Vicki in CA

Hi Vicki,
We wish you provided a few more details. We wonder how large this beauty is. This is some species of Buprestid, the Metallic Wood Boring Beetles. We are also wondering if it was also found in Burbank. We hope Eric Eaton can provide us with information. Eric quickly wrote back: “It is something in the genus Buprestis or Cypriacis (which was once lumped in Buprestis). My friend Rick Westcott, retired from the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture, could tell you more. Individual specimens can be extremely variable in color, so that complicates matters. Eric”

More info on the Buprestid Beetle. He/She was about 1″ long, and was found, as in picture, dead, on kitchen floor in Acton, CA which is rural area north of Burbank. Thanks for your help.
Vicki Holmes

Update: (12/29/2006)
Buprestid answer
The buprestid from Acton, California is Buprestis viridisuturalis Nicolay & Weiss. It is found in dead Fremont Cottonwoods. Thanks,
Ken Weiner
Natural Resource Specialist/ Park Ranger
Englebright & Martis Creek Lakes

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