Bumble Bees nesting in Bird House

Carpenter Bee’s?
June 8, 2010
They have moved into my birdhouse which had birds in it until recently. I noticed them about a week ago. I thought they were bumble bees considering they were creating a nest within a fully prepped bird nest.
Looking at your website they have the black spot in the upper body, but the abdomen is not shiny as usually referenced (carpenter bees) and they don’t seem so solitary. I keep missing the picture when more are sitting out on the outside.
Just wondering if they will let me mow the lawn. Every time I venture within 6 ft they come outside and eyeball me. (haha)
Oklahoma City, OK

Bumble Bees

Dear dglover,
These are definitely Bumble Bees in the genus Bombus, but we are not certain of the species, because as you can see on BugGuide, many species look similar.  We have received reports in the past of Bumble Bees nesting in an abandoned bird house.  Bumble Bees are not aggressive, though the possibility always exists that they might sting.
Mr. Marlos,
Thank you so much for your response!  I was really wafting back and forth on these bees.   I have some random spider and wasp pictures also –  if you guys want to look at them and possibly use them.  Really good Black Widow and Wolf Spider w/egg sac also.
I hope you have a fabulous week!

Thanks for the offer Dee, but right now our mailbox has far too many letter for us to respond to, and we are culling the most interesting letters and photos for posting.  Your Bumble Bee image and letter were both wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Bumble Bees nesting in Bird House”

  1. I have had bumblebees in bird nesting boxes twice in the last several years. One in a bluebird nesting box and the other just this week in a Great Crested Flycatcher box that had an old tufted titmouse nest still in the box from last year. The other box had an old chickadee nest and both these birds have a mossy nest. The bees love the mossy nest it seems to be irresistible to them. I leave them alone when I find them as bees are so important to the world’s food supply. In some places the bee population is declining and this could be a way to help bring it back…..like we have done for the bluebirds.

    • Perhaps the houses should be advertised as the “Birds and Bees Houses” and the tenants can be used to teach the facts of life to youngsters. Bee hives are households without males.

  2. had an active chickadee pair nesting in one of my bird houses. Full next 5 eggs then for about a week no action, looked inside today, cold eggs still there and nest looked ok so started poking around and don’t i get stung! Only one Bumble Bee nesting in nesting material? Do you think Bee scared off my chickadee pair?


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