If They Were Bugs? Of What Bugs Do the Candidates Remind You? Leave a Comment!

For Us, Donald Trump is clumsy and deadly, kind of like a Toe-Biter.  They sound stubborn too.  We can well imagine a predatory, aquatic True Bug being used by a young boy to scare a young girl.  That scenario seems somewhat Trumpian.

Close-Up of a Toe-Biter
If The Donald was a Bug:  Close-Up of a Toe-Biter

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand is much more stealth than she is clumsy, and we would not want to cross her as we imagine her wrath would be unflinching.  Hillary reminds us of a Preying Mantis.  She is deliberate and she is stronger than her mate, who can become a meal, losing his head while copulating, and never losing a beat, so that she would have the energy to raise a brood.  A Preying Mantis can turn its head to look behind it.

If Hillary was a Bug: Mantis Eats Hummer.
If Hillary was a Bug: Mantis Eats Hummer.

For Bernie Sanders, we decided to reference the “Feel the Bern” campaign slogan and we selected the Iron Cross Blister Beetle, which could cause folks to feel the burn if it is carelessly handed.  We found a great image from our archives of an Iron Cross Blister Beetle taking a dip in the swimming pool, but Bernie’s campaign is showing no evidence of cooling off as California’s primary approaches.

Iron Cross Blister Beetle: Feel the Bern
Bernie Sanders:  Cooling Off or still Feeling the Burn???

Origin of this Posting:  May 7, 2016
We thought today while working in the yard how we might anthropomorphize some bugs that remind us of the political candidates, and the first thing that came to mind today for Donald Trump, because of a comment from Roxanne we received, is a Toe-Biter.
  According to Roxanne:  “I have never been bitten. they pinch however, with their big front legs. they are also difficult to remove from clothing, as they are velcro-like. Also difficult to remove from hysterical humans, they have landed on. They are terrible flyers.. bombadiers.”

Comment from a reader
Candidate bugs
June 7, 2016 6:00 am
Loved, loved loved the Candidate comparison. And spot on. Would love to see the rest of the Republican field (pre-primaries).
Signature: Steve

A Reader Makes a Request
Subject: would like to post candidate pics
September 10, 2016 1:19 pm
i have 2 pics i wonder if you would like to post under candidate profiles.
is it it possible to do so?
Signature: susan warner

Hi Susan,
Please create a posting and attach the images.  Use the Ask What’s That Bug? link on our site and we can add your submission to the existing posting.

8 thoughts on “If They Were Bugs? Of What Bugs Do the Candidates Remind You? Leave a Comment!”

  1. Well for Bernie it would have to be one of the parasites such as a louse since he wants to promote the epic failure that history has shown socialism to be, although his wife has discovered that when you do run out of other peoples money as she did at her last employer, take a $200,000 pay out and leave town before the bank forecloses on the school.
    For Hillary, a cuckoo wasp, all bright and shiny on the outside but only too happy to kill your offspring and replace them with her own and blame it on a video.
    For the Donald, bad hair or not he is very popular with a huge number of people and he has been covering a lot of ground so I’m going to have to go with Wanderer Butterfly.

    • Thanks for taking the time to ruminate on our proposition Trevor. It is interesting to read an Australian perspective on our current American political circus.


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