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Stunning Macro Photographs of Insects Glowing in the Morning Dew




BugYou think you’ve got potato bugs, but how can you be sure?

Ask the Bugman!




Daniel Marlos shares his knowledge and love of the insect world – Excellent article from High Country News and a companion video

I hereby resign from whatsthatbug.com… – A Great post by a fan

The Bugman of Mt. WashingtonJune, 2011 article from the Boulevard Sentinel

Top 50 Insect Blogs winner, OnlineCourses.netWhy We Love It: A fun and factual blog site all about quelling bug-aphobia with knowledge and understanding.

If you’ve ever searched online to try and identify that creepy-crawly in your bathroom you’ve probably visited the WhatsThatBug.com site. Curious World of Bugs gives you a hardcover version of the site from its creator, illustrated with vintage drawings reminiscent of old biology guides. This compact compendium of mini beasts offers you a glimpse into the world of infestations and fascinations. Some are strange and mysterious, others are even cute, all are endlessly intriguing.”Six Sexy Science Books

How ‘The Curious World of Bugs’ happened… Some Books Begin in the Most Curious Ways

science base – science news and views – It’s a Bug’s Life (Interview)

The Osgood File (CBS Radio Network):  Short audio interview w/transcript

Greg Laden’s Blog (culture as science ~ science as culture) – review of The Curious World of Bugs

Wired Magazine – Comic-Con Round-Up: For Teens and Tweens

Eat Sunday Dinner… Or Something Like It – Sunday Dinner Questionnaire: Daniel Marlos

mamaroots: still kind of orangie

Monsters & Critics: Book Review “…Fun, fact filled and fascinating.”

Eat Sunday Dinner… Or Something Like It – Sunday Dinner with the Shuar

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Sunset Magazine, (July 2007) – Your bug questions answered
Sunset Magazine, July 2007 (photo by Andrea Gomez)
Sunset Magazine, July 2007 (photo by Andrea Gomez)
Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, bugs are fascinating. Just ask Lisa Anne Auerbach and Daniel Marlos, two Southern California artists and teachers who run a site called What’s That Bug? The art project turned grassroots Web phenomenon is part insect photo gallery, part community forum, and an oddly compelling read. “People use words like ‘icky, shiny bug’ to search the Net, and that’s how they find us,” Marlos explains. Now the two get photo submissions of specimens from all over the world, ranging from the common termite to mating Malaysian flower chafers. If you can’t figure out what’s bugging your garden, look through their extensive photo archive. Still baffled? Email them an image — they’ve been stumped only a few times.
Real Simple Magazine, August 2006
Real Simple Magazine, August 2006

BBC – collective This week, invasion of the arthropods. (10/23/06)

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things – Online bug identification service (07/24/06)

BBC News – Webscape (03/10/06)

Sacramento News and Review (11/17/05)

USA Today (06/07/2004)

Yahoo! Pick of the Week (05/11/03)

Other useful/
interesting sites

The best place to identify Sphinx Moths or Hawk Moths is Bill Oehlke’s excellent Sphingidae of the Americas website

If you can’t identify your North American Moth, try the Moth Photographers Group

Unknown Australian bugs may be researched at the Brisbane Insects and Spiders website

For unknown Crane Flies, we highly recommend the Crane Flies of Pennsylvania website

The Caterpillars of the Eastern Forests website will help with many unknown caterpillars.

Lambert Smith’s Insecta – http://www.insecta.co.za

Insectclopedia – http://www.insectclopedia.com

For questions about Spiders, we recommend Spiders.us


When in doubt, you can always visit the Bug
to see if Troy Bartlett has a photo of your mystery
insect posted.

The Department of Entomology at the University of Wisconsin
at Madison has a great user friendly site.

Check out the Bug People for another California site we recommend.

The Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America is a great book.

Shelly Cox has a beautiful blog, MObugs (she is in Missouri).

Backwards Bees – Organic, treatment-free beekeepers in Los Angeles.