Bug Sightings into a Public Database

Update:  March 26, 2016
We have updated our domain name from junponline to WildlifeSightings.net

Site suggestion for your links page
April 3, 2010
Hi, I own and manage junponline.com and would like to suggest it for your links page.
This site allows users to document bug sightings into a public database for fun and conservation purposes. I figure documenting these things could prove proactive if they’re threatened in the future, hard to conserve and protect something that you are not sure normally lives in an area.
I personally find it a constant challenge trying to identify creatures and would welcome any affiliation with your site to help users properly identify creatures, maybe I can send people to your site when trying to identify something, and you can send them to mine to document a sighting they have already identified?
Great site,
Paul Lindgreen

Hi Paul,
We gladly support this worthwhile service.

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BugMan aka Daniel Marlos has been identifying bugs since 1999. WhatsThatbug.com is his passion project and it has helped millions of readers identify the bug that has been bugging them for over two decades. You can reach out to him through our Contact Page.

3 thoughts on “Bug Sightings into a Public Database”

  1. We’ve been busy over the last year at junponline.com. Adding RSS and XML user feeds of thier sightings, iframe support so you can display sightings on your own website and more data for categorization and searching (genus,family,order and earliest and lates sighting dates in a region).

    Feedback is greatly appreciated, keep up the great work at whatsthatbug.com


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