Bug On Thumb: A reader begins her own Bug Blog

Hello Friends and Insect Enthusiasts,
After much hemming and hawing and per the requests of many of you, I’ve finally put together the beginnings of an insect blog. Wooohoo! It’s not much yet, but I hope to grow it over the years.
It’s called BugonthumB and can be found here: bugonthumb.tumblr.com
The name: I was going through my insect photos one day and realized that a lot of them are of insects perched on my thumb, the nail of which is often painted a bright shade of pink or blue or yellow. Nothing, I think, accessories like a frog-legged beetle.
Anyway, I’m poking you guys first because I know you have an interest in science and nature, are as obsessed with spiders and their kin as I am, OR are terrified of spiders and their kin (you know who you are)–in which case, I want this blog to help change your mind.
I’m also kicking the blog off with a “Big Bug Week” in Taiwan, during which time I will travel around Taiwan trying to find and photograph as many insects as I can in seven days. There is more information about this trip, including a list of rules, on the blog. Please check it out as I leave for Formosa tomorrow and will start posting tomorrow night!
When it comes to personal blogging, I am a beginner, and so I would love your feedback and advice.
And please continue to send me interesting arthropod-related stories, links, photos, etc. so I can post them.
I hope everyone is well and is starting to see the beginnings of spring, which of course means bugs.
Your humble bug wrangler,
Marian Lyman Kirst

Bug on Marian's Thumb
Bug on Marian’s Thumb

How exciting Marian.  What’s That Bug? is happy to promote your new blog.  We are accompanying this posting with a photo of a Shield Bug on your Thumb that you submitted to us last year.  We still get comments and positive feedback on the article you wrote about Daniel in High Country News.

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