Bug of the Month: September 2007 – Bagworm

a little caterpillar with a traveling cocoon
I’m hoping you can identify this little fellow. He’s been hanging around (literally) ,and under my blue ceramic bird bath. At first I thought he was building a cocoon, but he keeps crawling all over the place with it . Let me know, please, if you can identify him. His cocoon seems to be about 3″ long. I live in Parma, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland). Thank you.
Mary Griffin

Hi Mary,
This caterpillar is a Bagworm. Bagworms are Moths in the family Psychidae. According to BugGuide: “Larvae (bagworms) construct spindle-shaped bags covered with pieces of twigs, leaves, etc., and remain in them, enlarging them as they grow, till they pupate (also in the bag). Adult females remain in the bag, emitting pheromones which attract adult males to mate with them.”

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