Bug of the Month: March 2007 – Silverfish

What is this?
Hi, there,
Recently I can see this kind of bug everyday in my house. First I thought it is a House Centipede. But I found there are not enough legs. Please tell me what it is and how to control them (I killed 2-3 everyday). Thanks and regards

Hi James,
This is a Silverfish, a primitive insect. They are considered household pests. They are found in dark, damp areas, often the bathroom and basement. They will eat many things, but are fond of glue that adheres wallpaper to the wall and the glue in book bindings. Your timing was perfect and your photo quite gorgeous, so we are making the Silverfish the featured Bug of the Month for March 2007.

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  1. I had one of these in my house and then I discovered a nest. My cat was sniffing around in their nest and they ambushed him and killed him. Very deadly creatures. Help.


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