Bug of the Month June 2010 Redux: Fishing Spider

The cycle is complete – once again
July 14, 2010
Hello Daniel and Lisa,
I know I’m a month late, but my world up here on my little hill seems to be an ecosystem unto itself.  It is, generally, two or three weeks behind those of the lower elevations.  Every 100′ in elevation in the Smokies is like driving 12 miles north, I’ve heard.
R.G. Marion
Cosby, TN

Female Fishing Spider carrying Egg Sac

Hi R.G.,
Thanks so much for being such a faithful reader and contributor for so many years, even though there are times we are unable to post your images.  Despite being a month late for our Bug of the Month posting of a Fishing Spider for June 2010, we love your explanation of the altitude affecting the times creatures appear.  We are making an exception in your case, and doing a redux of the June Bug of the Month so that we can showcase your marvelous images of a female Dolomedes Fishing Spider carrying her egg sac in her chelicerae or fangs and a deceased male Fishing Spider whose life span is considerably shorter than that of the female because he does not care for the young.

Male Fishing Spider

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