Bug of the Month: July 2006 – Polyphemus Moth

What kind of moth is this?
This moth is clinging to my front screendoor. Can you tell me what it is? Thank you,
Elaine K. Goldsberry

Hi Elaine,
This is a female Polyphemus Moth, Antheraea polyphemus. The Audubon Guide lists it as east of the Rocky Mountains, but according to Hogue, it is sometimes found in the Los Angeles Basin. The Polyphemus Moth is one of our Giant Silk Moths or Saturnid Moths. Adults do not eat and live just to mate. Since the Audubon Guide lists the flight of the adult moth in July, and since we get many questions regarding this moth in the summer, we have chosen it as our Bug of the Month for July 2006. We are currently experiencing and internet dilema, and are being forced back to dial-up. We will post and answer very very few letters in the next week, but we felt we needed a new Bug of the Month. Thanks for your worthy submission.

Update: (07/03/2008) polyphemous moth correction?
hi guys i love your site thank you!
the reason im writing is to let you know that the polyphemous moth is and has been in josephine county oregon my entire life and im older than dirt! we find them on storefronts in grants pass every year at about this time. i live on the north county line and had one on my door just a week ago (it is shown in oregon by the big sky moths website too.) no need to publish this just thought u would like to know..

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