Bug of the Month January 2012: Hemipterans Hibernating in the Home!!!

Stink Bug
Location: Elyria, Ohio
January 2, 2012 10:47 pm
We live in northern Ohio. Every winter we get Stinkbugs in the house. I know they are coming in because it’s cold out, so I’m not going to throw them back outside. Can I put them in a terrarium or something until spring? What do they eat? And will they bite? Thanks!
Signature: Maureen

Coreid Bug hibernates in Home

Dear Maureen,
The insect in your photo does not appear to have been photographed during the winter and it is not a Stink Bug.  It is a Leaf Footed Bug in the family Coreidae, but we are unable to determine the species from the angle of your photograph.  There are many different species of Hemipterans or True Bugs that seek shelter indoors when the weather begins to cool.  Stink Bugs including the invasive, exotic Brown Marmorated Stink Bug frequently hibernate indoors.  Other Hemipterans that hibernate indoors include the Western Conifer Seed Bug and the Boxelder Bug.  They will not damage the home or its furnishings, and they pose no threat to people or pets, however, they can become a nuisance if they are numerous.  The Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle is another insect that hibernates in homes, often in great numbers, but it is a beetle, not a Hemipteran.  Since so many folks will be experiencing hibernating Hemipterans this month, we have decided to feature your letter as our Bug of the Month for January 2012.

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  1. This picture was taken last summer in our yard, the bug in question looks exactly like the one in the picture. I tried to find my new bug friend, however the empty toilet paper tube he was hanging out on seems to have been thrown away. Hopefully he is still in the same room I found him in, but just in hiding. In past winters we have had many of these in our home. If he is found, I will post a picture of him.


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