BUG OF THE MONTH APRIL 2012: Florida Predatory Stink Bug Nymphs

Is this a ladybug?
Location: San Antonio, TX
April 4, 2012 12:28 pm
This bug is everywhere on the ground of my backyard right now (early April). It also has the three stripes on the orange/red portion of its underside. Your help in the identification process is appreciated since my son and I spend a lot of time in the yard. I worry that this may be a bothersome bug. Thanks!
Signature: Katie

Florida Predatory Stink Bug Nymphs

Hi Katie,
Your letter is the second letter from San Antonio we have received this week inquiring about these newly hatched Florida Predatory Stink Bug nymphs,
Euthyrhynchus floridanus.  The orange and black adults are often visible late in the fall and they are called Halloween Bugs.  They are predatory and they are considered beneficial in the natural control of insect populations.  According to BugGuide they feed on:  “other insects. Nymphs, and to some extent, adults, are gregarious, and may attack large prey in groups.”  We have never received a report of a person being bitten by a Florida Predatory Stink Bug, but we acknowledge that the possibility exists if they are carelessly handled.

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  1. Thank you again for such prompt attention to my inquiry! I’m sure these little guys will have plenty to eat in my garden as they grow. I hope all of you at “What’s That Bug” have a great day!!


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